My husband Mark and I have been eating kettle corn for as long as we can remember. His great-grandma brought this treat with her from Germany. It wasn’t until a few years ago that we had our first taste of sugar corn at the fair. We both looked at each other and realized that Grandma’s recipe was the perfect fit for this business, and Countrytime Kettle Korn was born. 

If you have never seen kettle corn popped, you are in for a treat. We make our corn stirring entertaining by joking with the crowd and rooting my husband on as the popping gets intense. A ship's bell is hung from the tent and is rung when the corn is done, kind of like the old “come and get it” dinner bell. The roar of the cooker and the thunder of the popping corn attracts curious on-lookers, all the while the wonderful aroma makes the mouth water. It truly appeals to all your senses. We often have patrons ask us where we will be next weekend! The return business is always heartwarming.


The Fluger Family